Personal Monitoring Systems

Trusted by more hospitals, doctors and caregivers, Lifeline can not only protect a life…it can preserve a cherished way of life by giving seniors the confidence to continue living in their own homes.

A fall, or some other need to call for help, could happen at any time. PleaseĀ contact Spectrum and begin to protect yourself today.

How Philips Lifeline Medical Alarm Works

Summon Help
When you need help, just press your Personal Help Button, which activates the CarePartner Communicator.
Professional Intervention
Your CarePartner Communicator then dials the Lifeline Response Center and establishes two-way voice communication.
Personal Response
Quickly, a Lifeline Response Associate accesses your profile and assesses the situation.
Closed Loop
The associate then contacts a neighbor, loved one or emergency services, based on your specific need.The Lifeline Response Associate will follow up to ensure that help arrived.

Can I Afford Lifeline Medical Alarm?

Over 3,000 hospitals and healthcare providers offer the Philips Lifeline service across North America. The service is affordable and easy to use. As Lifeline is offered at a local level, prices will differ slightly from one area to another, depending on your location and the service products chosen.

Please call 888-741-3013 or contact one of our knowledgeable customer representatives who will be happy to provide you with an exact price for your area. Please have the zip code of where the service will be installed ready when you call or email us.

Philips Medication dispensing Service

Seniors rely on their medications to keep them healthy, but complex medication schedules can lead to mistakes: missing doses, taking incorrect amounts, or taking medicines at the wrong times. These mistakes could lead to unnecessary doctor or hospital visits, illness and even death.

The Philips Medication Dispensing Service can help seniors who:

  • Take multiple medications or have complex medication regimens
  • May have cognitive impairment
  • Have limited mobility and are at risk for falls
  • Require assistance with medication

How the Philips Medication Dispensing Service works:

Medications are placed into individual cups and then loaded into the dispenser. Medications are then programmed for distribution times.
The senior presses the button when they hear the reminder. The dispenser will dispense the medication that you have loaded for the senior, at the programmed times.
The dispenser is connected to the senior’s telephone line, so if the senior misses a dose, the dispenser can contact you or another family member. The senior can then be checked to make sure they are getting their medication.

Contact your local Spectrum Homecare branch for details.